Ways to increase traffic to a website

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The most effective approach to increase traffic to a website is actually finding out the best combination of different ways and apply them efficiently and effectively.

Ten ways to increase traffic to a website

A. Keyword Research

Prior to creating content you have to find the right keywords which will allow you to create your content. By using appropriate keywords, based on what users are searching for, you can prepare optimized and interesting content.

You can refer back to one of our articles on how to perform correct and successful keyword research.

B. Unforgettable content

Users are generally attracted by reading quality, interesting and memorable content. Of course, memorable content is the result of implementing proper keyword research and thereafter preparing the relevant content which users are searching for in the first place.

Caring about content can help you generate proper articles and surely boost your website’s traffic at high levels, as well increase your ranking on Google.

Websites that have blogs with articles are much easier indexed by the Search Engines, and as per the statistics, websites that generate around sixteen articles a month can receive between three to four times more traffic compared to websites that don’t.

C. Backlinks with Guest Posting

Guest posting is one great way of generating backlinks. Writing content on other sites can create for you an awesome way of linking back to your site, therefore increasing your traffic and reputation too.

Posting on sites that are within your niche is a superb way of collaboration with other sites, which Google takes into consideration and increases your search engine results page ranking (SERP).

D. Social Media activity

Social media is a great tool for attracting followers that will then visit your website, helping you increase your traffic and visibility on Google.

There are certain acts you should perform in order to keep a proper social media activity:

  • Publishing content across your media platforms using attractive and catchy layouts
  • Interacting with your followers by replying or tagging them
  • Using hashtags
  • Changing your cover photos accordingly
  • Tagging influencers who may be interested in your content
  • Answering to people’s questions
  • Updating your links in your profile, as well as publishing new ones with your new posts

E. Paid advertising

Advertising is a fast way of promoting your website and generating traffic faster. This approach is the pay per clicks (PPC) concept.

You can advertise on different platforms, such as Google, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and many more. It is critical to allocate your budget wisely and cautiously so you don’t simply waste it without any outcome.

F. Email Reach (including Newsletters)

Sending emails is a great tool to increase traffic and reaching your customers about new products, services, or any type of updates.

While preparing your email template, you should take into consideration a set of tactics that can increase your click ratio which at the end of the day this is your target (clicks that redirect to your website).

The tactics you may consider are the following:

  • Preparing on the spot content that matches your email’s subject line
  • Having links that helps your audience redirect to your website
  • Ensuring that your email templates are mobile friendly and responsive
  • Using well designed templates that can attract the attention of the readers
  • Making your email as personal possible with some personalization settings, e.g. Dear [Name]
  • Conducting A / B testing to compare between templates, content, etc.

G. Outreaching influencers

Connecting with influencers is also a perfect tactic of increasing your traffic and awareness. Few ways of doing so include:

  • Asking different influencers for an interview, and tagging them so that the influencers may share it with their audience
  • Paying them to run sponsored ads on their social media channels
  • Preparing content for a number of influencers and tagging them when promoting this content on social media
  • Tagging influencers if you are referring to their content in your social media posts

There are certain tools that can help you find the right influencers in your niche such as Buzzsumo.

H. Generate helpful content and tools

If you wish to attract the attention of your audience and in return boost your traffic, it is important to offer helpful content and tools that can resolve issues within your industry or niche. By providing these sources for free you will definitely attract attention and engagement.

I. Press Releases

By submitting press releases to various sites, you can attract the attention of readers who will then in return visit your website and learn more about you and your business.

A press release is an announcement that you are making when you wish to announce for example your company’s news, events, updates and other relevant information.

J. Backlinks approach

One of the mostly known methods and effective one, is the exchange of backlinks. This approach helps tremendously your site with SEO, as you are helping other relevant sites, and other relevant sites are helping you by “exchanging links”.

You can refer to one of our articles related to backlinks and how they can improve SEO.

As you have read above, there are many smart ways that can increase traffic to a website that when used wisely the results can be astonishing.

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