Traffic to my website using Facebook

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How can I drive traffic to my website using Facebook? In the recent past, Facebook was just a communicational tool for personal purposes only. Nowadays, Facebook has become a major magnet for businesses in promoting their products and services to mass audiences.

Therefore, all types and size of businesses, either small, medium or large use this channel for brand recognition, awareness, conversions, and traffic directly to their websites.

The keys for driving traffic to your website

The very first step, if you wish to do everything right from the very beginning, you should create a business account on Facebook. For those who have a business account, you simply click on the “Log In” button whereas for first time users the “Create Account” button.

Creating a Facebook business account

The main reason for creating a business account is to be able to use various Ad accounts (this can be discussed on an independent article) for each business of yours, if you have more than one business in place, for proper pixel setup (for remarketing purposes to the audience and users who they have already visited your website and showed interest – in another separate article) and generally for having everything nicely and cleanly structured.

Creating your Facebook page

The second step is to create a Facebook page where you will be promoting your business with a nice page cover, profile, posts and details for people to know more information about you and your offerings. You can do so by clicking the button “Create new page”.

Creating a Facebook page

Thereafter, you have to fill in the fields related to the main parts of your Facebook page, such as the page name, category, and description, and finally by clicking the “Create Page” your page will be generated.

Basic details when creating a Facebook Page

Some further details are needed, such as the cover and profile. See the image below for better understanding.

Facebook page profile image and front cover

Upon adding your desired images, you proceed further with filling out some other important data and details, such as choosing and editing the right Facebook button for you, and then the About section.

Facebook page about and button sections

You may edit the button and proceed with adding your desired button type.

Editing the button to choose the one suiting your needs

A list of options appears that you can choose from when customizing your Facebook button.

Traffic to my website using Facebook
List of options you can use as your Facebook button

On the image below you can see the key fields you have to complete in order to have a full and professional profile for your Facebook page.

Traffic to my website using Facebook
The key fields of your about section

Start publishing your posts

Furthermore, upon setting up your main details and data of your Facebook page, you will then proceed with adding some important and interesting posts.

To start creating your first post you have to click on the “Create post” button.

The first step in creating a post

The second step is to start preparing your content in the “Write something …” section with a link to your website and some related hashtags.

On point A you can add an image or video, on point B you can add your WhatsApp number to receive messages on your WhatsApp, on point C you can start receiving messages on your Facebook Messenger which the chat inbox let’s say directly within your Facebook page, and lastly point D gives you the option to choose some further parameters you wish to add to your post such as “Get calls”, “Check in”, etc.

And finally, once you are ready you can publish your first post by clicking the “Post” button at the end of the post creator area.

Traffic to my website using Facebook
The second step of the process when creating a post

Checklist for maximum results

There is a checklist that you can always follow for maximum results, considering the following points:

  • Analyze your popular posts and recreate new ones with similar impact
  • Use high quality images and videos
  • Include call-to-action buttons on your posts
  • Always reply to comments
  • Write short descriptions for your posts
  • Keep all your posts organized and in a timely manner with tools such as Hootsuite

Creating contests can generate huge interest

Organizing contests on Facebook is another superb way of capturing audience attention. There are exceptional tools for such a purpose like the Shortstack tool.

Prior though doing so, you should first know the reason you are creating a contest, what is your goal, know the audience you are targeting, avoid too complicated rules and regulations, and finally publishing the contest on your website and other media channels is important.

Having said the above, you can now say to yourself that “I now know how to drive traffic to my website using Facebook.

You can always contact us for any related questions that you may have.

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