How to increase ranking on Google Maps

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How can someone increase ranking on Google Maps? Another important element for ranking higher is the proper setup of your Google Maps account. Not many people pay attention to this element but it is one that can positively influence your SEO and Google ranking in general.

Google My Business account is essential

In order to set up your Google Maps account correctly and without any faulty parameters, and most importantly to increase ranking on Google Maps, you should first create a Google My Business account and fulfil the Google Maps criterion within this business account.

The Google My Business enables organization or entities to perform a free listing of their business on Google while providing key insights of your map where people can search for your business and find you easily, as well as key operational data, such as business name, hours of operation, products and services listing, business description, logo setup and many more.

Kindly have in mind that you must have a Gmail account. You can create one by clicking here.

The setup steps to follow wisely

Therefore, the first step is to type on Google’s browser or search bar the term “google/business” so that the required link for creating a business account appears first.

How to increase ranking on Google maps
Finding the Google My Business link on the browser

The second step is to click on the above link and proceed with creating your account. For those who already have an account they simply need to Sign In. For the users who don’t have an account, simply click the “Start Now” button.

How to increase ranking on Google maps
Two options available either Start Now or Sign In

The third step is to click the “Get Started” button and start creating your business.

How to increase ranking on Google maps
Get started and create your business

The fourth step is start building your profile by adding your business name and business category. Bear in mind that it is important to add everything right from the first time so you don’t delay the verification process of your account.

How to increase ranking on Google maps
Start creating your profile by adding your business name and category

The fifth step is to add a visiting location if it’s applicable in your case. If not you simply tick no and proceed.

How to increase ranking on Google maps
Adding a location for people to visit if applicable

The sixth step is to add the areas where you can serve your customers if applicable in your case again.

How to increase ranking on Google maps
Search and select the areas where you can serve your customers if applicable

The seventh step is adding the region which your business is located at.

How to increase ranking on Google maps
Adding your business location or registered location

The eight step is adding your phone number and website URL if applicable and you do have a website.

Adding your phone number and website

The ninth step is to choose whether you would like to receive updates and recommendations from Google.

Receiving or not updates from Google

The tenth step is adding the physical address of your business or the registered address so that Google can send to you via mail a code for verifying your Google business account. It is important to add the right address.

Addition of address details essential for the verification process

The eleventh step is to add the contact name that will appear on the envelope which Google will send to you within a period of two weeks time for the verification process of your account. There might be other options as well, other than the Mail option, but it is usually very rarely to happen.

Adding the contact name for verification purposes

Within the twelfth step you simply get the notification that your mail is on its way and it will take around 14 days to appear in your Mailbox.

Postcard on its way to your Mailbox

In the thirteenth step, you have to add your services, and if you can find your type of service you can always use the option “Add custom service”.

Adding your services

At the fourteenth step, you have to select the operational days of your business, and upon selection you will be asked to input the hours also such as “from” time and “to” time.

Select the dates which your business operates

During the fifteenth step, you decide whether you can let customers message your business or not.

Including the message option

At the sixteenth step, you must add your business description so that your customers can learn more about you.

Adding your business description

As we are approaching closer to finalizing the setup of your Google My Business account, you then need to add some photos, therefore providing some visuals of your business.

Adding photos to your business profile

Further on, you are asked to advertise your account with Google Ads. At this point you don’t need this part and you will therefore skip it by clicking the “Skip” button.

Google Ads not needed at this stage

At the nineteenth step, your business profile is nearly ready, and you can resume making some edits or updates of your profile.

Google My Business account almost ready

Last but not least, after going through all the above steps you will end up in a portal like the one below, where you can continue adding some further information within your account.

How to increase ranking on Google maps
Google My Business general portal

There are some additional items that we need to consider after setting up our business account in order to increase the odds of ranking higher on Google.

Therefore, these items are the following:

  • Aim to get reviews which is something users consider a lot
  • Have a website that is responsive and fast loading
  • Use some local keywords on your website, if your target audience is mainly narrowed down within a specific region
  • Embed Google Maps on your website

So now you have a clear understanding on how to increase ranking on Google Maps and what is essential in achieving your ranking objective.

For further guidance you can always contact us.

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