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How can someone increase traffic on an Ecommerce website? Online stores are becoming very popular either in the field of selling items via a warehouse or through drop shipping which means acting as an intermediary between your client and an external fulfillment center. We will talk more about drop shipping on another article.

Therefore, how can someone increase traffic on Ecommerce website? We will find out the various ways in the content below.

Ecommerce stores focus on product listings

In a let’s say blog site or provision of services site, the webmaster focuses more on creating content to generate traffic for Google ranking and awareness.

On the other hand, with Ecommerce stores the main focus is on the actual products and listings.

So the big question is how can someone increase traffic to an Ecommerce site?

Prior to we start looking at different tactics, you need to consider certain things for your website such as the importance of having easy navigation, proper call to action (CTA) buttons, making it very clear what you offer, having content exclusively related to the products that you are selling, using infographics such as lovely images for each product, and very well planned product descriptions.

In addition, based on the Ecommerce platform you wish to use for creating your online store, e.g. WooCommerce, Shopify, WIX, or other platforms, there are different technical setups in place. We will prepare separate articles for each platform respectively.

Let’s now see below some proven ways that can help your online store generate traffic and boost sales:

A. Sales campaigns

The key of such campaigns is to create a feeling of urgency to your potential customers for visiting your online store and buy your products.

There are different ways for creating an urgency with incentives such as:

  • Offering giveaways that can be won during competitions with headlines such as “Sign up to our newsletter and be a part of a fantastic draw” or “Sign up and get your products shipped for free”, etc.
  • Creating coupons for discount purposes that your audience can use when purchasing products from your site
  • Offering one plus one deals which is a great incentive for buyers and a superb approach for attracting their attention

B. Facebook Audience Targeting

Facebook has indeed become one of the mostly used social media channels for online shoppers. The first setup should be the creation of a Facebook page.

Such a page it’s important to be able to run Facebook / Instagram campaigns (ads) for driving paid traffic to your website. An additional tactic is the creation of a Facebook / Instagram Shop. Again these mentioned subjects can be presented in separate articles for a detailed explanation.

C. Instagram engagement

Instagram is a lovely channel for driving traffic to your website. In order though to do everything right you have to have a nice looking profile with all your contact details and a link to your site.

Take advantage of the tools which Instagram is offering, such as publishing posts with hashtags, as well as publish Instagram Stories and many more.

D. Email Marketing

Email Marketing is another superb tool of communicating with your clients or potential customers. For such approach to work well you must have clear email subjects, a nicely designed template, clear call to action buttons, and well explanatory and catchy content.

There are different tools one can use for Email Marketing purposes such as Sendinblue and SendPulse.

E. Website SEO

Applying SEO methodologies to your online store it’s a powerful way of lifting your website’s ranking and online recognition. When listing your products on your store, you should always remember to apply optimized product titles, meta descriptions, and proper keywords.

F. Creating content

Content Marketing goas along with your online store’s optimization setup. You can therefore add a blog to your online store and start writing optimized content that in time will help your site rise in the rankings. You can refer to the SEO plugin, if you are using WordPress, we have already presented in one of our previous articles.

G. Engagement with influencers

You can always engage with influencers who already have big numbers of followers either on their blogs, websites or social media profiles.

By collaborating with influencers in different ways such as them writing on your blog, or you writing content on their blog, it will immediately generate traffic to both sites via the SEO approach of backlinking.

H. Google Ads

Google Ads is another way of promoting your online store. This is a platform that helps you create online campaigns that appear within Google’s various products, as well as Google’s search engines.

The most common tactics used when implementing Google Ads, are the Search Ads and Display ads, with a more detailed and advanced setup on Shopping Ads.

Google Ads is again a big chapter that has to be discussed separately in another article.

By being able to increase traffic on Ecommerce website, and applying all the above tactics wisely and appropriately, you then increase the odds in your favor for maximizing conversions (sales).

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