How to find the right keywords for SEO

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How to find the right keywords for SEO is a wise question in search for an answer. A big number of shoppers use Google to search for the products that they wish to purchase.

Google then takes all those keywords and phrases and aims to provide the best related results. In the condition that one’s website does not rank at high pages then traffic will be limited.

Therefore, how can someone create traffic that can be converted. Which keywords are the best ones for your business, how can you be sure that indeed these keywords are the right ones, and will you be able to do all the work on your own?

In this article we are providing you tips and tricks on how to choose the right keywords for SEO, and whether you may need further assistance by experts.

Consider the below tips for wise keyword research

There are certain steps or tips that you should consider when performing your keyword research, which again, at the end of the day, the key objective is to drive high volume of traffic to your website.

The first topic is to identify people’s search intention, answering the “why people search for in the first place”. There are three categories listed that define this intention parameter: a) Navigational: the intention to search or find another website or webpage, b) Informational: aiming to research for a specific topic of interest, and c) Commercial: desiring to make a purchase for a product or service.

Keyword Types

The second topic involves understanding the keyword types that are three in number: a) Head Keywords: One or two words in length, b) Body Keywords: Two to three keywords, c) Long Tail Keywords: Four words and more. Ranking for head keywords is difficult due to high competition. The best way is to use long tail keywords.

Platforms for Keyword Research

The third topic is finding out where we can begin our search from, which platform or tool is the best one to use for this purpose.

Therefore, one of the best platforms to use is the Google Ads Keyword Planner tool. A simple, user-friendly tool that is free and delivers great results when used wisely and correctly.

In the condition that you do not have a Google Ads account, you can easily sign up for an account with your Gmail. Upon signing up, there is a process that you need to follow which Google takes you through until you have fully set up your account.

The next step is to choose the “Tools & Settings” tab found on the right hand menu, then click on the “Keyword Planner” and click again the box tab “Discover New Keywords”. Kindly refer to the image below for visuals.

Google Ads Keyword Planner steps to follow
Google Ads Keyword Planner steps to follow

Furthermore, upon clicking on the “Discover new keywords” box tab, a new screen on Google Ads platform appears where you have to start adding keywords (point 6) related to your business or interest, choosing the regions (countries, up to 10 in number) (point 5) you wish to view your keywords for, and finally clicking on the button “Get Results” (point 7). Kindly refer to the image below for visuals.

 Google Ads Keyword Planner - Keywords research process
Google Ads Keyword Planner – Keywords research process

Looking at a real example, let’s assume that you wish to write an article about SEO and wish to know the search terms for this topic on regions such as Canada, the UK and the US. View the locations as shown on the image below.

Google Ads Keyword Planner - Choosing keywords locations
Google Ads Keyword Planner – Choosing keywords locations

After selecting the 3 countries (regions) of choice, you then type in the keywords that you wish to generate search terms for, answering key questions on SEP such as “how to learn SEO”, “how to do SEO for website”, “how to rank my website” and “how to do use SEO tools”.

The way these keywords are written does not matter, as Google will anyway generate a list of search terms which people or users type for when searching answers around the field of SEO. View the image below for better understanding.

How to find the right keywords for seo
Google Ads Keyword Planner – Typing your keywords

Following the above, upon typing the “GET RESULTS” button, a list of further keywords will be generated, and as previously mentioned these are the so-called Search Terms.

In addition, you can see further details, including the average monthly searches, competition level, and much more data that we don’t currently need for the purpose of this article.

How to find the right keywords for seo
Google Ads Keyword Planner – Downloading your list of search terms

Furthermore, in order to make our lives easier and our task wiser, you will then need to download this list of search terms either in CSV or Google Sheets format. You may view the visual below.

Google Ads Keyword Planner – Preparing the download of your list

Having downloaded our list of generated search terms, we then select to view the keywords (search terms) that are within Low Competition and have an average monthly volume of less than 250. The reason for this, is that you should aim for keywords that you can write articles for and compete fairly for you.

Writing articles on high competitive keywords will be extremely difficult for you to appear in the search engine results at least soon enough or even at all. View the image below for visuals.

How to find the right keywords for seo
Google Ads Keyword Planner – Your Google Sheets excel file

How do we find the right keywords for SEO in our case? There is a key formula ratio here: Actual Intitle Results on Google divided by (/) Average monthly searches. Any result below 0.25 gives the green light for using such keyword (s) in your blog article(s).

On your Google browser your type the word “allintitle:“, and then one by one the keywords you wish to get results for.

How to find the right keywords for seo
Google Ads Keyword Planner – The allintitle versus average monthly searches ratio

On the image above you can see that the Allintitle results for the keyword phrase above is 8 results. If we therefore, take this number and divided by the average monthly searches for this keyword which is 50, the outcome is 0.16. This defines that we have identified our first keyword (phrase) we can write an article about and be competitive in the search engines.

Moreover, considering all the parameters that we have captured in this article, you can come up with a clean and clear SEO plan on how to find the right keywords for SEO.

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