Use Twitter to drive traffic to your website

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Use Twitter to drive traffic to your website like magic. This is another social media channel used nowadays and for a long time now that drives traffic to one’s website.

It may not be that widely used as Facebook and Instagram, but Twitter is a powerful tool when applied wisely and efficiently.

As with all social media networks, prior to start driving traffic to your lovely website, you must already have a Twitter account, and if not you will have to create one. So how can you use Twitter to drive traffic to your website?

After creating your Twitter account (your personal account can also be converted into a professional one too), you will have to take into consideration certain parameters to help you utilize this channel in its full possible capacity:

A. Follow people

This is an important element, as with Twitter is not only having people following you, but you must also follow other people to build a strong and solid foundation of long lasting Twitter relationships. Therefore, follow other people, continue providing valuable content and they will follow you back.

B. Follow back the people who follow you

Following back those who have already followed you or following you is another critical factor to consider. Do the extra mile and follow those who trusted you in the first place. Show them that you value them as they have valued you too.

C. Tweet regularly but don’t overdo it

Tweeting is the “holy grail” when it comes to Twitter, but overdoing it, as with all social media channels, it’s not the way to move forward.

D. Create long-term relationships

When tweeting, think with the objective of creating a long-term relationship with your audience, show interest in their messages or comments and reply to them.

E. Do not mix personal with business tweets

If your Twitter account is for business purposes, you should then continue with such philosophy and do not mix your personal tweets in such an account. Maintain your business standard always.

F. Create a nice cover for your account (page)

When creating your Twitter account is really important to have a nice cover image that will be catchy and attract the attention of your audience, and your current and future followers.

G. Upload a real and convincing profile image

When it comes to your profile image, use again one that can generate trust and confidence to your audience. It is always more convincing to have you own image, but you can still have any other image, one that can convince your audience that you are indeed a trustworthy business entity.

H. Publish interesting content

You content should not be boring and low in quality. Your content, and in combination with a catchy image, is what will drive attention thus resulting to new and more followers.

I. Aim for targeted traffic

Targeted traffic is mastery. By being able to attract traffic who are indeed those people interested in your content and tweets is an art. There are some software that can help you with that such as the FollowerWonk. This tool helps you identify the audience that matters to you.

J. Do not spam people

Spamming is also a factor that appears in all social media channels and tools of communication. Try not to spam people.

K. Be interesting in your tweets

When creating content for your tweets, don’t just write boring content, but prepare one that can be interesting and will be attracting the attention of your audience and followers.

L. Prove your presence with a website too

It is not enough having only a Twitter account to prove your presence and generate trust and long-term loyalty. Having a website too is what will take you to the next level. Your audience can view your website’s link on your Twitter account and by clicking it they will immediately be redirected to your website.

M. Pin to top your latest or valuable tweets

You can always pin your latest or valuable tweets to the top of your account’s profile / page so like that you will freely promote your best content.

N. Use more visuals in your tweets

Using images in your tweets is a superb way of showing some visuals along with your content. It surely attracts more attention and engagement.

O. Buy followers but don’t overdo it

This approach is also a great one that again should be used with caution and care. Buying followers is becoming popular nowadays in the social media channels. Similarly with Twitter too, you can buy followers with SocialWick.

You now have a clear understanding of Twitter, and how you can drive traffic to your website and boost your reputation and awareness to superb levels.

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