How to get accepted by Google AdSense

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How to get accepted by Google AdSense is another question that once answered right it can generate for you income or at least it will become one great source of passive income.

Google AdSense it’s a way of monetization where ads by Google are displayed on your website from various publishers in a random manner (randomly) and you get paid based on user clicks or ad impressions depending on the type of ads.

The key issue though, is how can someone get approved by Google AdSense especially a newcomer? Getting approval is not the easiest thing to do, as your website must fulfill certain criteria which still may not get your website approved if you are missing or have missed out some areas within the approval process.

On the other hand, if you already have an approved website by AdSense it’s very easy to get other websites into your account too, and you have already answered the question of how to get accepted by Google AdSense.

This article is specifically structured and created for those who are finding some difficulties getting their websites approved for AdSense. In addition, another platform that works superbly with AdSense is Ezoic which uses strategic methodologies and intelligence for placing ads.

Therefore coming back to AdSense, the areas that you need to focus on for getting a considerably fast approval or at least having your website approved properly are the following:

A. Quality content

This is one of the main reasons to get approval. High quality and valuable content is what AdSense would love to see on your site. Without quality content, Google will consider your website as a spam or copy pasting place and as a result not approving your website.

B. Number of posts

In order to get approval, another important parameter is the number of already published posts. Approximately, a good number is between ten (10) – fifteen (15) posts.

C. About and Contact pages

You must always have these two pages mentioned above, the About and Contact pages. These two pages show to Google that you define yourself, and that your users can contact you anytime without any issues.

D. Privacy Policy

Another important page is Privacy Policy which shows to Google that you are serious with legal policies and your users’ privacy. You can easily generate one online for free. You can also click here to see what Google requires in a Privacy Policy.

E. No restricted content

You must always ensure that you do not have restricted content on your website. You can view the relevant list of such content here.

Do not use images of others, especially if these images have copyrights. Google AdSense will check and find out whether your images have copyrights and disapprove you immediately. You can use image platforms such as Shutterstock or Free Images.

G. Website age (it could matter)

This is not the main factor or reason for getting approval, but it could have its role. As long as though you have all the rest in place, then this factor is not that important. In addition, the website age is also correlated with your domain’s age because usually upon purchasing a domain you then immediately start creating your website. Therefore, the difference between your domain’s age and website creation could be between three (3) to six (6) months on average.

H. Banned website

This is a critical matter to consider. In the condition that your website has already been banned by Google or Google AdSense, then your chances of getting approval are almost none. For newcomers with a new domain and website this is not an issue at all. In this situation, a banned domain influences a website’s approval. You can check whether your domain is banned using Sandbox, Feinternational, and SearchEngine.

I. Decent website

Your website should look nice and professional. Do not create a website that looks cheap. Use themes that are powerful and lovely.

J. Website navigation

The navigation part is super important. Your users should easily navigate your website and find what they are looking for easily.

K. Over 18 years of age applicant

To create an account you have to be over 18 years of age. Ensure that you are, because Google and Google AdSense nowadays focus a lot on this factor and are applying checks, and soon enough in the future will likely be asking for ID confirmations.

L. Remove other ads during application

When applying for approval, always remove any other or previous ads for a period of at least three to five days, which is usually the time it takes for Google to approve you for an AdSense account. Once approved you can then add your previous ads back so you can also have other networks on your site too.

Now you are in a great position to know how to get accepted by Google AdSense, and you can start your application process.

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