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Can you become a great graphic designer by using the best image creator software? Yes of course you can.

One of the best image creator software out there is the so called Creatopy. This is a superb tool for anyone who aims or wants to create professional creatives either images, videos, GIFs and many more.

The Creatopy Design Software

In this article we are going to talk about this software, but not in huge detail. We are going to walk you though the sign up process and the key elements that you need to consider in using this tool efficiently and effectively.

The number one step is creating an account if you don’t have one via the “Start trial” button. If you do have an account, you then just Sign In.

Best image creator software
Sign in or Start trial

If you are creating an account, you have some options to choose from as per the image below.

Best image creator software
Create your account

You can create an account via Facebook, Google or email. Again if you already have an account you click on the “Sign in” link.

Let’s assume that you have selected the “Email” option to sign up. You will still need to follow the same process of creating an account by completing a four step process as shown below.

Creating your account step 1

You have to fill in the fields such as your Email, First name, Last Name, Password and Confirm password, tick “I’m not a robot” and continue.

Creating your account step 2

Furthermore, you will need to insert the code that you will receive in your email address and then you proceed by clicking the button “Confirm account”.

Creating your account step 3

Further on, you proceed with completing some additional information about you and / or your business such as how did you find out about Creatopy, your industry, company size, yearly revenue and then you may resume by pressing the “Continue” button.

Creating your account step 4

In addition, there is a further page that you will have to fill in, such as specifying the reason as to why you will use Creatopy. You can select any reason that suits your needs and click the “Continue” button.

Choosing your plan or package

Last but not least, as a part of your sign up process, you will have to select the package you wish to start using Creatopy with. At the beginning you may use the Free limited version and thereafter move onto the paid unlimited versions.

Creatopy Dashboard

After creating your account, your “Creatopy Dashboard” will appear where from you can start working on your designs and creatives.

  • A. You may view your Dashboard area
  • B. You can view your designs
  • C. You may view your Brand Kits
  • D. You may view all your projects
  • E. You can create a new project
  • F. You can trash or delete the creatives you don’t want to use anymore
  • G. You may start creating your creatives (images, sets, etc.)
  • H. You may view your account’ settings
  • I. You may search for anything that you wish to find with the Search bar
  • J. You may contact Creatopy’s customer support via message or chat
Selecting to view the Social category

Assuming that you wish to create social media images or any other type of creative, and you have selected the “Social” category. The system will illustrate all relevant social creatives that you can choose from.

Best image creator software
Create button for choosing the creative you wish to focus on

By clicking the “Create” button, you can decide which creative type you wish to start working on. In the above example, we have selected the “Facebook Square Post” and the “Twitter Image Post” as samples.

Best image creator software
Facebook Square Post Template

Let’s assume that you wish to proceed with creating a Facebook Square Post. Upon making this selection, you will see a range of ready made / available templates. From these templates you can create your own unique template or you can always start from scratch with a blank design.

You can also choose the category that you wish to view templates from such as “Education”.

Best image creator software
Facebook Square Post Education templates

Upon selecting the “Education” category, you will be able to view hundreds of related templates as per the image above.

Best image creator software
Manipulating your existing creatives

By choosing the one you love the most, you can either start manipulating the existing design by changing text, sizes, colors, and so on, or simply use the existing selection with some minor text and image changes.

As you can see on the above image, you can work around your image template, and as in this example you can change text, headings, logo, or even go further into more details via the left hand menu where you can see a range of other available options that you can use such as “Templates” again, “Text”, “Elements”, “My Uploads”, “Button”, “Background”, “Animator”, “Brand Kit”, “Feed”, “Resize” and “Shortcuts”.

Downloading your creatives in various formats

As a last point of the creation process, you have to select the download type of your creative according to the specifications that you wish to have as shown on the above image, such as JPG, PNG, HTML, AMP, MP4, GIF and PDF.

Well, now you are in the position to understand which is the best image creator software, or at least how to use one of the best ones in the market as a non graphic designer individual.

For any further support or training on this superb tool, you can always contact us.

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