How to start a Telegram channel

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How to start a Telegram channel is a key question that covers another important marketing channel for success.

With Telegram you can create channels or groups, and can engage with your audience in many ways, as well as get paid for your services via using your own Telegram bots. We will not cover such type of bots in this article.

In this article, we will take you through the creation of a channel and how to start with Telegram from scratch.

Therefore, in the condition that you are not familiar with Telegram or haven’t created an account on your desktop, mobile or tablet you can do so by typing on your browser “” and press enter.

How to start a Telegram channel
Type on your browser

The next step is to select the device you wish to install Telegram.

How to start a Telegram channel
Choosing which device you with to install Telegram

Upon installing / downloading your device of choice, you will see the Telegram icon appearing in your relevant device. In this article example, we have chosen desktop. So in this scenario, you will be able to view the Telegram icon on your desktop background.

How to start a Telegram channel
Telegram icon appears on your desktop

The next step is to access your Telegram account by clicking on the relevant icon as per the above image, and your account’s dashboard will appear as per the image below.

Your Telegram account dashboard

By accessing your dashboard, you can view different menu items such “New Group”, “New Channel”, “Contacts”, “Calls”, “Settings” and “Night Mode”.

Furthermore, as per our initial statement, in this article we will cover the creation of a Telegram channel.

In order to start creating your channel, you have to click on the “New Channel” menu item, and the relevant fields will appear as per the image below.

Telegram channel fields

To proceed with the creation of the channel, you will have to add your channel’s name and description and click “CREATE”. You can always leave the description area empty and fill it in later, but it is more professional to have it complete at the beginning.

Once you have completed the above two initial fields, you will have to indicate whether this channel is going to be a public or private one.

Usually as a startup business or channel is better to have a public channel in place, and throughout time you can also create a private channel for your more exclusive clients or audience who will either pay to receive advanced services or any other type of similar funded service.

Therefore, you select “Public Channel” and then choose a name for your channel’s link, and click the “Save” button to proceed.

Choosing the type of channel and name of link

Upon successful completion of the above step, you will be asked to add members to your channel. You can always do so later if you wish, therefore skipping this part by pressing the “Skip” button.

Adding members during channel creation

And now after the above steps, you will be able to view your channel’s dashboard.

Your Telegram channel’s dashboard

As per the above image, you can view your dashboard, comprised of different key elements. You can view your channel’s name on the top left, and on the right side you can view your channel’s link, description, how to add subscribers, and the area where you can start writing and publishing you messages on your channel. In addition, we have marked with an X the option “Leave channel” as this is not advisable to do so as the creator of the channel.

Moreover, let’s see some additional key elements to consider on your channel’s dashboard.

Additional key elements to consider on your channel’s dashboard

Let’s see below the additional elements that we need to strongly take into consideration:

  1. With the magnifying glass icon you can search the history of your messages
  2. With the chat icon you can start a live stream
  3. With the rectangle icon you can view your channel’s information
  4. With the three dots icon you can perform a range of activities such as muting notifications, managing your channel, creating polls, clearing your history, and leaving your channel
  5. With the attachment icon you can attach files to your messages
  6. By clicking or unclicking the bell icon, your subscribers will be receiving either silent or sound notifications
  7. By clicking on the smiley face icon, you can view a range of emojis and other similar expressions that you can also use in your messages
  8. By clicking on the microphone icon, you can record a voice message and send it to your subscribers

For any additional information regarding the use of Telegram, you can always reach us here.

In general terms though, you can now easily and with confidence answer the question “how to start a Telegram channel”

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