Email Marketing solution providers

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Email Marketing solution providers assist you with their tools to communicate wisely with your existing clients and leads or potential clients and leads.

There are many Email Marketing solution providers that can support you in such activities. Not all though can support you in terms of pro functionality, instant live chat with tangible solutions, and affordable pricing packages.

One of the email providers that we recommend is SendPulse. This tool is an awesome software that can be your right hand. It is applicable for both startups and established businesses, either small, medium or large.

SendPulse has unique features in place, and offers a user-friendly environment so that you can immediately start operating your email campaigns.

In this article we are going to go through this exceptional Email Marketing software but not in extreme depth.

Therefore, the very first step is to create an account via signing up. You simply need to add your name, email address, phone number and password, and click the “Sign Up” button. After successful submission, you will have to verify your email address.

Registering to SendPulse software

In the scenario that you have already signed up you have to simply sign in to the software by filling out your email address and password you have already applied while signing up.

Existing users can sign in

Upon entering the email system of SendPulse, you will see your first dashboard which is exclusively focusing on Email Marketing elements.

The main menu of the Email dashboard, includes key areas such as:

  • Create campaign: In this area you can start creating your email campaign by adding some details about your campaign, your content, certain campaign parameters and finally sending your campaign to your targeted audience
  • Mailing Lists: This lists help you in away list your audience into different categories or groups according to your or their needs and requirements
  • Email Templates: You can easily create your own templates that can be attractive and catchy thus “forcing” your audience to perform some actions
  • Automations: This is a critical part for every business or email master. By automating your email workflow you can regularly communicate with your audience with specific email material and content as per their actions, e.g. viewed the email, clicked the button of the email, etc.
  • Subscription Forms: These forms are a great way of adding forms to your website that are directly to your desired mailing list within your SendPulse account, e.g. Newsletter subscription form, etc.
  • Service Settings: This is another important aspect that can take your business to the next level as well as making your life much easier, as a part of this section involves “Senders” which means your email addresses that you wish to email your users from. You can add multiple email addresses for each business that you have from only one SendPulse account. This is fascinating!
  • Pricing Plans: In this section you can view SendPulse different pricing plans that you can purchase and improve your experience
Email Marketing solution providers
Email Dashboard

The second element involves Chatbots that are essential for answering smart to your users or clients with pre-determined questions and answers.

Chatbots Dashboard

The third element is the CRM an important part for managing your leads and clients and keeping tracking of their communicational data.

CRM Dashboard

The fourth element involves the creating of Landing Pages. These pages are essential for promotional and on the spot presentation of specific products, services, concepts and many more key topics.

Email Marketing solution providers
Landing Pages Dashboard

The fifth key element is Push Notifications, which defines the way of communicating with your users directly from your website with key notifications.

Web Push Dashboard

The sixth element is the so called SMTP. This specific services is important for ensuring that your targeted audience will surely revive the email you wish to send them.

SMTP Dashboard

The final element of this superb Email Marketing solutions provider is Email Verification. This type of service is essential for checking which email addresses of your clients or leads are valid or not.

Email Verification Dashboard

Should you require any support, you can always contact us and our team will guide you further, or you can as well visit our Marketing Services website and purchase our training package on Email Marketing.

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