Types of Facebook Ad objectives

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There are different types of Facebook Ad objectives available that can truly support any digital marketer, social media manager or officer to promote and boost a brand’s online awareness, recognition, and most of all generate conversions.

Nowadays and for the recent past, Facebook is indeed a Social Media channel that spectacularly ranks among the top or mainly the top channel.

The key though when it comes to Facebook Ads and objectives, is the ability to point out and choose the best objective for your purpose. This is a critical part for achieving a successful campaign, and success is not only to drive awareness, leads, and conversions but also to choose such an objective that will compromise a great Return On Advertising Spend (ROAS).

Therefore, at the end of the day by choosing the wrong objective you may start at your disadvantage, meaning that you will be targeting the wrong audience who will not likely act to your ads.

In this article we are going to briefly demonstrate Facebook’s key campaign ad objectives that you can choose from. You may refer to the image below for visuals.

Choosing your Facebook Campaign objective

As you can see, there are three main topics in place with a wide list of objectives such as:

  • Awareness
  • Consideration
  • Conversions

When it comes to “Awareness” there are two key objectives as shown below:

  • Brand Awareness: Under this condition, Facebook will present or show your ads to the audience who will likely or most likely remember your brand, and thus providing you with key statistical data
  • Reach: Within this objective, Facebook will show your ads to the maximum number of people, to as many people possible, within your target audience

The “Consideration” topic has six objectives as presented below:

  • Traffic: The main goal of this objective is to show your ads to the people who will likely visit your website and increase your level of traffic
  • Engagement: This objective focuses on engagement levels and targeting the audience who will likely engage with you such as with likes on your Facebook page, engagement on your posts, and responses to events
  • App Installs: By default as per the name of this objective, Facebook aims to promote and display your ads to the audience who will perform and engage with App downloads
  • Video Views: The priority of this objective is to reach the right audience who will engage by viewing or watching your videos
  • Lead Generation: This objective is a great one when it comes to generating leads, as Facebook enables you to create lead generation forms directly on your ad. This means that the prospect (lead) can fill in the relevant fields of the contact form directly on Facebook within the Facebook environment
  • Messages: The mission of this objective is to generate conversions between your brand and your prospects via Messenger and Instagram Direct.

Coming to the third topic the “Conversion”, you may view the three objectives below:

  • Conversions: This objective is really important for e-commerce owners who they wish to generate sales through their online store and with e-commerce actions such as “add to cart”, “cart abandonment”, “purchase” etc.
  • Catalog Sales: This type of objective is one where as the owner of your store you can list your products directly on Facebook in catalogs
  • Store Traffic: The focus of this objective is to drive traffic to your store’s physical locations by adding all your store locations to Facebook

We have now covered all the key areas on the types of Facebook Ad objectives you should know about for implementing your own campaigns wisely and effectively.

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Moreover, you can also refer to a great URL Shortener tool which is one that can help you track audience behavior (e.g. clicks, regions, browsers, etc.) of the users who are coming to your website via your active Facebook campaigns.

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