What comes under Digital Marketing

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What comes under Digital Marketing? Indeed, a rough question to answer as such concept is huge in terms of elements, theories and practicalities that it could take ages to arrive at the right definition.

To make things simpler and smoother though, we will break down this article into various topics that can assist you to understand and interpret the term “Digital Marketing” and what comes under it.

Therefore, Digital Marketing by default, it is the concept of promoting your brand, business, products, and services to your potential and existing customers via the internet through various online communication channels.

We are going to talk about fifteen (15) elements that are necessary and essential to drive your Digital Marketing Strategy to the next level.

Key Digital Marketing elements

A. Strategy: This part requires you to come up with Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). What are your marketing goals? Do these goals match your business goals? A list of KPIs could be social media engagement, leads, conversions (sales), and anything else that can be measured in numbers.

B. Core Message: What is the main message that you wish to deliver to your users, your audience, clients and prospects? How do you wish to be remembered? Based on this message your content will then be generated and remind your users and audience what is your business all about.

C. Automation: This area is one of the most important ones in the field of Digital Marketing. Without automation things could get extremely difficult to handle. There are so many tasks floating on a daily basis that it would be impossible to handle them efficiently and effectively. Therefore, automating your process is the way to move forward.

D. Buyers’ Profiles: Knowing beforehand who your customers are. What profiles do they have? Which type of audience do you aim for? These are questions that will derive your buyers’ profiles and personas.

E. Websites: Your website is the channel to the online world. It is the way of communicating to your audience who you are, what you can offer, and why should they come to you in the first place. Your website is your online appearance and presentation of yourself and your business.

F. Content Marketing: Quality content is superbly important. Without proper, interesting, and catchy content, the probabilities of making an impact is limited. It is therefore critical to be able to create unique, and interesting content for your audience.

G. Email Marketing: Another key area to consider is Email Marketing. You can utilize your existing active users with awesome offers, activate your inactive ones and / or retarget those who have visited your website and left their details for any promotional reason.

H. Social Media: Deciding on your Social Media Strategy is a further topic to take into consideration. Which platforms are you going to use for your brand? How will you attract and engage your audience with your social media content and creatives?

I. Online Advertising: Paid Ads is a great way of generating business but obviously not for free. Paid Advertising has become popular nowadays as it can drive website traffic, leads, and sales to one’s business.

J. Videos: Nowadays videos are taking over content and therefore attract the attention of users. It is perceived that videos have more power to attract and convert website and social media users into clients.

K. SEO: Search Engine Optimization is another big topic that indeed can elevate a brand online via a fully optimized website. If you have or planning to create a website using WordPress, you can then read our article about the Yoast SEO Plugin one that can help you perform SEO like a professional, as well as on ways to improve your SEO score. You may also go through our SEO Tools to check your web optimization status.

L. CRO: Conversion Rate Optimization is a wise parameter which focuses on boosting conversions from your existing web traffic. This criterion can be positively managed via some adjustments that can make a big difference at the end of the day, e.g. change of button sizes, image restructuring, and other similar tweaks.

M. Sales rep Tools: Your sale agents and representatives are the ones selling your products or services? Therefore, your sales reps must have all the necessary tools that they need to be able to sell.

N. CRM: Customer Relationship Management is another aspect that nobody should take out of the equation. Knowing the status of your users at any point in time helps you to understand their attitude and behavior toward your brand.

O. Analytics: Analyzing data and knowing the numbers well is an art. With analytics you can find and interpret your marketing progress thus finding areas of opportunity and improvement.

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