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Increase website traffic from Social Media with key tactics. Is it feasible and easy to bring traffic to your website via social channels?

Obviously there are many ways that you can boost your online presence and acquire traffic to your site. One such way is via Social Media.

Nowadays, there are billions of active users in various Social Media channels that can bring to you either leads or conversions thus generating sales.

So let’s see how can we apply certain Social Media tactics that can strongly support our website and generate quality traffic.

A. Media profile in social channels

It is very important to have a clean and clear Social Media profile with a proper description, the right keywords and fill out in full. Look at it as if you are performing SEO for your website.

Therefore a proper profile is a must have condition should you wish to optimize for brand awareness that in return will drive website visits.

B. Consistent audience engagement

Engaging with your audience is critical, as constant interaction generates trust over the short-term and loyalty over the long-term.

Be close to your audience, aim to support them, offer them benefits, answer their questions, and in general show them that you are there for them.

It is indeed astonishing if we see the percentage rates of users who truly love interacting via Social Media and the percentage of brands that actually reply to their audience.

Approximately, only 10% – 13% of customers receive some sort of reply from brands, and nearly 30% – 35% are keen with and prefer to receive customer care from Social Media.

Therefore, by regularly checking and responding via your Social Media inbox will keep you ahead of the Social Media game and drive audience engagement and traffic to your site.

C. Consistent posting

By posting frequently you show to your audience, your followers, that you are active and that your are online and all is fine and well with your business, appearance and mostly confidence.

Obviously, the regular posting depends on different factors such as the audience, days within a week, content, time zone and region.

According to statistical data, the posting frequency varies from channel to channel. You can also check your competitors to understand and speculate their posting frequency.

Let’s have a look at the frequency levels for each Social Media channel listed below:

  • Facebook: Once (1) a day or three (3) times a week or once (1) a week
  • Instagram: Two (2) posts a week or once (1) a week or three (3) times a week
  • Twitter: Fifteen (15) tweets a day or once (1) a day or three (3) – six (6) tweets per day
  • LinkedIn: Twice (2) a week preferably in the mornings
  • Pinterest: Once (1) a day or three (3) – five (5) pins per day or ten (10) – fifteen (15) pins a day
  • TikTok: Once (1) a day several times within a week or three (3) times per day
  • YouTube: Thursdays and Fridays between 12 pm – 3 pm
  • *Blog – Articles Posting*: Once (1) a month or once (1) a week or two (2) – three (3) times a week. As a new blogger though the more articles you can write at the beginning the better for establishing yourself higher in the rankings

D. Creating viral content

The ability to create content that your audience will love to share is awesome. But remember don’t just create content that is out of scope of your brand’s identity just to make it viral, as this can have a negative impact to your brand and website.

E. Creating visual content

The users and audience nowadays love to see visuals, such as images and videos. Create a nice visual that will attract your followers’ attention and engagement. Creatopy and promo are two lovely tools that can truly assist you in the creation of professional visuals.

F. Posting during audience activity

Publish your posts during times that your audience is active and can interact, share, and generally engage with your posts.

G. Creating and running Social Media contents

One of the most exciting ways to generate audience engagement and thereafter drive traffic to your website is via Social Media contests, including polls and quizzes.

There are certain key tools that can help you with the above, such as contests and quizzes.

H. Competitors researching

Spy on your competitors, what they are actually doing, which of their Social Media posts has the most engagement and which times and how many times a day they publish posts on their channels.

I. Social groups activity

Try to maintain yourself active in Social Media groups where you can exchange ideas, provide key informative data, as well as educate around your field and niche.

For any questions or support feel free to contact us.

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