How long it takes for SEO to work

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How long it takes for SEO to work, is a key question that needs a wise answer. Search Engine Optimization or SEO is an art, a strategy that requires a lot of effort to drive superb results.

The main area though is the time it takes to see results. Is it a month, two months, six months, a year or more?

There is not an exact number or answer to the above questions, as the period of time depends exclusively on you and your efforts.

The more effort and time you place on your SEO the better the results and the shorter the period of time it will take to see such results.

Five time period estimates

Based on some researches, there are five categories, if we can say so, of period expectations as shown below:

  • 1% appraise that SEO delivers results the first 2- 4 months
  • 39% perceive that SEO results appear between 6 – 12 months
  • 43% expect that SEO will deliver results between 12 – 24 months
  • 12% perceive that SEO drives results within a period of more than 24 months
  • 5% did not express a tangible or reliable opinion on the matter

Looking at the above percentages, the biggest percentages of time expectations are 6 – 12 months (39%) and 12 – 24 months (43%).

Indeed, the above figures are true and present the overall picture within the field of SEO.

Apart from the top two answers, the 39% and 43%, there is also this 12% answer that has a solid foundation too, and in the majority of the cases, the newly established entities need more than 24 months to see results from their SEO strategies.

Furthermore, it is important to understand that every website is different and many factors can interfere as to the time period that is required to see SEO results.

A few items or topics that are important for a website in terms of SEO are the following:

  • The type and quality of the content published on your website
  • The length of your website’s existence (how long is it up and running)
  • Your website’s domain authority
  • The keywords and the strength of these keywords which your website is implementing
  • Many other key factors to consider

Therefore, as you can see there are plenty of factors to take into consideration, that at the end of the day will give to you the answer of “How long it takes for SEO to work?”.

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