What makes a good CMO

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What makes a good CMO is not an easy question to answer as it involves a set of skills and personality characteristics.

The majority of people believe that a CMO or Chief Marketing Officer is a person or rather a marketing leader who needs to simply monitor the marketing department, as well as come with the marketing budget, tactics and strategies, and travel a lot.

Many companies or organizations, fail to hire CMOs that first of all have the technical skills or mindset which in our opinion plays an important role for the success and co-existence of the hiring company, the CMO and the Marketing Department in general.

Why do we mention the word “technical” would you say? Why should a CMO have technical knowledge and experience at first? Does a CMO need to be a technical person rather than a leader?

You see that many questions arise as to what a Chief Marketing Officer should be like, and know how to successfully take the company he or she is working for to the next level.

Therefore, what makes a good Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)?

According to our experience, knowledge and expertise, a good CMO must have four main traits:

A. Technical skills

The number one factor of all. Technical, technical and again technical skills. A CMO without technical skills will not be able to understand, interpret or identify the technical aspects behind every part of the marketing process.

If a CMO has no idea how a website is developed, how campaigns are executed, how designs are made, how tracking performance correlates with all the marketing elements, then how can such an important department’s performance be appraised? How can advertising campaigns be appraised?

In much simpler terms, a CMO with vast technical knowledge, tangible experience, can easily identify the gaps and convert them into opportunities, and the opportunities into global achievements.

B. Departmental role experience

This is the second characteristic a CMO should possess, which somehow has some positive correlation with point A above.

If your CMO held various departmental roles, he or she will know how to manage the department’s time wisely, efficiently and effectively.

Time is a hidden cost that is underestimated but it’s a parameter that can change the performance of a marketing department 180 degrees. Allocating time wisely is key.

Time management does not mean squeezing your personnel, but understanding your colleagues within the department and support them with wise time management, so that they can work less but be more effective, and them thereafter having more time to rest their mind and soul for the next achievements and targets.

C. Teamwork skills

This is a well known trait or feature a CMO and every leader must possess. Without teamwork or rather team efforts there are no results.

The CMO should be a team player, support his or her team, his or her colleagues, because at the end of the day no matter one’s role, every person is a colleague within any company or business.

D. Leadership skills

This characteristic is purely and clearly the result of the above three mentioned points; technical skills, departmental role experience and teamwork skills. Without these skills there is no leadership for a CMO in the first place.

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