Google Ads conversion actions

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Before setting up your campaigns, it is important to know beforehand your Google Ads conversion actions so that you can successfully track performance.

Defining your goal or objective is the first step that you should undertake so that Google can optimize at the best possible manner, and thereafter after preparing the rest of the details needed, e.g. keywords, ads, etc., the next step is to set up correctly the conversion actions part for tracking correctly and appropriately your conversions.

Google Ads campaign objectives

In this article, we are going to go through and summarize Google Ads available campaign objectives and conversion actions.

Therefore, moving onto the illustration or practical part of this article, when creating a new campaign a list of available objectives appears on your screen. You may refer on the image below for visuals.

Google Ads conversion actions – Choosing your campaign’s objective

Looking at the eight objectives, we can see some similarities, but each objective has its own unique and awesome purpose.

  • Sales: The target here is to drive sales in general
  • Leads: The focus of this objective is to generate leads, in other words trigger your users intention to act
  • Website traffic: The objective here is to generate website traffic
  • Product and brand: The idea of this objective is to encourage your users to explore deeper your products and services
  • Brand awareness and reach: This is a more wider objective as it is focusing on reaching a bigger audience for awareness purposes
  • App promotion: This objective focuses on promoting your App in terms of installations, downloads, interactions, etc.
  • Local store visits and promotions: The target of this objective is to drive traffic to your local store (offline)
  • Create a campaign without a goal’s guidance: This objective is a neutral one, as yourself can decide to create campaigns at an almost fully manual mode

After deciding on your campaign’s goal or objective type, you then have to go along and create your campaign(s), your ads, and the rest of the necessary parts. The most widely used objectives are “Sales”, “Leads”, “Website traffic” and “Campaign without a goal’s guidance”.

Google Ads conversion actions

Moving forward, after campaign setup completion, you then move onto creating your conversions actions for tracking your performance and adjusting your campaigns in the process accordingly.

You may have a look at the four conversion actions shown below.

Google Ads conversion actions – Choosing your campaign’s conversion action
  • Website: This conversion action will provide you with data on how many people have taken actions to your website
  • App: This action focuses on app actions data
  • Phone calls: This conversion action deals exclusively with tracking calls directly from your ads or website
  • Import: This is a quite different conversion action where you can import data from your Google Analytics account or any other source of choice, therefore a more advanced conversion action

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